Diamonds and Coal

The ALEchemy Line (The Porter Bullet Necklace)

$ 28.00

Introducing The ALEchemy Line by Diamonds and Coal. My fiance's love of craft beer and home brewing spawned this line. Each glass vial is filled with 2 of the ingredients necessary to create the perfect beer - Hops and Malts! This listing is for The Porter.


  •  A glass vial is filled with the perfect blend of hops and malts to make a delicious porter. The vial is then fitted into an upcycled bullet shell casing in your choice of brass or nickel silver.
  • This repurposed pendant hangs on a 30" stainless steel chain, or adjustable leather cord (your choice at checkout), and includes my special Diamonds and Coal stainless steel tag. It's my way of signing my handmade work and adding another special touch to your jewelry piece.
  • Pendant is about 2.25" long.
  • This necklace is perfect for the guy or gal in your life who loves craft beer - including brewers and bartenders!

Item is made to order and each piece is one of a kind. You will receive a pendant similar to the one pictured. All of our shell casings are once fired, recycled and re - purposed into beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Please note: The vial is sealed when this necklace is created, and cannot be opened.


The Diamonds and Coal ALEchemy Line -
"With the Power of ALE you cannot fail!"
Original Design Copyright © Diamonds and Coal

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