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The Castor and Pollux - Meteorite Earrings

$ 48.00

Our first meteorite earrings, 'The Castor and Pollux' contain actual pieces of the Campo del Cielo meteorite and includes real crushed hematite. Wear a shooting star that fell to Earth thousands of years ago. Each pair is truly one of a kind, and this is a limited edition design.

-- Stainless steel bezel earrings are filled with real fragments of the Campo del Cielo meteorite, and set on a bed of beautiful crushed hematite powder for a bit of sparkle. All of the meteorite pieces are hand picked by myself, and fitted into each bezel.
-- Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and means no tarnishing EVER!
-- Your earrings come with a printed certificate of authenticity, and a printout of the history of the Campo del Cielo meteorite. It is packaged in our Diamonds and Coal tiny box - perfect for gift giving or storing your special keepsake.
-- Earrings are 10mm in diameter.

The Campo Del Cielo iron meteorites were discovered in 1571 about 500 miles northwest of Buenos Aries, Argentina. Testing proved the 'rocks' to be meteorites, something that had been claimed by the local inhabitants. It is estimated that the meteorites fell 4,000 - 6,000 years ago at Campo del Cielo (meaning "field of sky" or "heaven) in Gran Chaco, Gualambia. Your meteorite fragments are made up iron, nickel, and many different scarce minerals, such as kamacite, taenite, plessite, triolite, graphite, and silicates.

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Item is made to order and each piece is one of a kind. I hand pick each meteorite fragment myself, before making your special necklace. You will receive a pendant similar to the ones pictured above.

*** While this piece is water resistant, please refrain from getting necklace soaking wet. Do not wear in the shower, or while swimming. ***

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